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Paying your Car Insurance the Easy Way!

Our NEW pay-in-installments offer gives you the flexibility to pay you comprehensive car insurance in twelve installments, fast and easy

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Here’s how it works

Simply follow the normal process for buying your comprehensive car insurance online; it only takes few minutes.

On click of get a quote, you need to select the pay-in-installments option and you’re all set to pay for your comprehensive car insurance in twelve monthly equal installments.

Your first installment is due on the day you buy your insurance.

Once paid, we’ll send you the insurance policy for the full insurance and you’re all set!

We will send you an email with a link to our payment page when your next installment is due. You can also visit any of our branches to pay in cash or by credit card.

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Important things to be aware of

What if you have a claim?

When you choose the installment plan, you enter a legal agreement with us, obligating you to pay all installments in the same way as we are obligated to pay for your claims. Non payment would be subject to legal action and result in cancellation of full insurance of your car. You can read the detailed terms and conditions here

What if you have a claim during the first four months?

Before opening the claim with us, we would ask you to pay the outstanding amount on your installment plan. Your claim will then be handled effectively and your full insurance will be fully in effect for the full insurance period. This is part of our procedure for securing fair treatment for all our customers and offer superior insurance products at very low rates.

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