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What’s covered

24/7 Elite Roadside Assistance

We'll help you if your car breaks down on the road

Personal Accident Benefit

We will compensate you if you get injured in an accident

Agency Repairs Add-on

High quality repairs done at your car dealership

Replacement Hire Car Add-on

We'll give you a replacement vehicle while your car is in repairs

Riots, Strikes, Storms & Floods Add-on

Gets you covered against natural disasters and vandalism

Unidentified Motorist Damage Add-on

Covers you if the accident is caused by an unknown driver

Gap Insurance Add-on

If your car is damaged beyond repair or stolen, we'll pay you its original purchase price

Off-road Cover Add-on

Covers accidents on unpaved roads

Off-road 360 Add-on

Covers accidents while driving on all kinds of terrain, including sand dunes

GCC Extension of Comprehensive Plan Add-on

Your insurance will keep you covered in the UAE, Kuwait, and Oman

Zero Depreciation Cover Add-on

Replacement of worn out car parts at no extra cost

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Mandatory car insurance in Qatar

Third Party Liability (TPL)

Covers property damage or injuries you may cause to others

Comprehensive calculator
Full insurance for car


Covers both your liability and any potential damages to your car

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